Could You Launch A Campaign Today And Raise The Funding You Need?

You need capital now

You want to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the next 30 days

The fact is you don’t know if you would be successful

You need a
 Crowdfunding Quick Assessment to help you determine
if launching a crowdfunding campaign (of any type) makes sense without a longer prep time. 

A 2-Step Process For Only $19.99

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Get your 2-step Crowdfunding Quick Assessment:

1. Complete and submit your online questionnaire

2. Schedule your 20-minute, 1-on-1 Quick Assessment Call with our team
via phone for honest, personalized feedback including:

does my business have what it takes?
how much can I raise?
what platform should I use?
what should I do first?

Statistics Show That Over 50% Of Campaigns Never Reach 10% Of Their Goal
The Good News Is Basic Education Significantly Increases The Odds Of Success


Let Crowdfund Better Guide You To Better Your Chances

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