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Tips to Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal

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  • Wow! Fantastic. I can't say enough positive things about their first step, the Crowdfunding Roadmap & Report. The information, presentation, resources, tips, and insight I got from a short assessment then a 30-minute phone call was beyond what I expected. Especially for the price!!!! A HUGE value.

    Nina Gibbs Founder & CEO, Swim Foundations

~  personalized, direct consulting and strategy including ~

1) Online Questionnaire

Complete a 10-minute online questionnaire to help us get to know your project, your network assets, and your funding goals

2) Crowdfunding Report

Receive a 4-6 page written report on your potential to use crowdfunding based on answers to your online questionnaire, our team’s 7+ years experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and data gleaned from over a half-million crowdfunding campaigns including:

  • funding statistics and success rates for crowdfunding campaigns in your industry
  • links to examples of successful campaigns to guide your preparation
  • 3 strategic focus areas for increasing your chances of success based on your questionnaire responses

3) Roadmap Review Call

Get YOUR specific questions answered and begin plotting your crowdfunding path during a 45-minute, 1-on-1 phone call with our team including:

  • how much can I raise?
  • how soon should I launch?
  • what platform should I use?

Statistics Show That Over 50% of Campaigns Never Reach 10% of Their Goal
the good news is basic education significantly increases the odds of success

Let Crowdfund Better Guide You To Beat The Odds

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