For a long time I have been wondering why some people manifest their dreams and others don’t. And so far, I’ve come to this: you have to be a little crazy. You have to be a little crazy not to listen to all the naysayers that tell you that your ideas have no basis in reality. You have to be a little crazy to try on the super-sized ego that your mom and dad told you was impolite as you doggedly pursue your idea. You have to be a little crazy to continue to work at something that doesn’t pay your bills. You have to be a little crazy to be able to convince others to rally around your ideas when you yourself have doubts if they are viable. You have to be crazy enough to fail.

The truth is you can’t be reasonable if you want to manifest a creative idea. Creating is all about leaps of faith. Reasonable people have too many reasonable voices in their heads telling them that their ideas can’t work. I mean, what sane person would set out on a new venture that given the odds is likely to fail. (Start-up failure rates hover at 75%. Not hope inspiring.) What if you put all your eggs in one basket and all the eggs break? What if no one gets behind your brand of crazy? How will you go on? And what if you take someone’s money and don’t have anything to show them for it? Do you really want to be responsible for that?

This is why I like crowdfunding. It encourages reasonable people to get a little crazy. Any brand of crazy can apply. (Well, almost any…there are a few protections in place to keep you from soliciting donations for something illegal.) It doesn’t take much money to launch a campaign, and if you keep your goals modest, your friends and family might just surprise you with their faith in your project. Because the unspoken gem of crowdfunding is the power of belief. Yes, the money is handy, but the psychological impact is exponential. How would you feel if 100 people believed enough in you to give you their hard-earned money with no guarantee they’ll ever see anything from it…or in exchange for a simple thank you. (Most low dollar rewards are just that.) I bet you’d feel inspired.

And you don’t even have to run your own campaign to feel it. The beauty of crowdfunding is that when we put our dollars down to support someone’s project, we are actually voting in support of our own creative ideas. Because I tell you one thing, when someone who has backed my crowdfunding campaign contacts me about theirs, I know the karmically right thing to do is to return the favor. Not because they will never forgive me or donate to another one of my campaigns (although that could be true) but because every time I sign on to support a campaign, I am giving myself hope that people will show up to support me.

So all my reasonable friends, who’s ready to get a little crazy? I’ll be in touch soon with my next crazy idea. And I’ll be waiting for yours.

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