Online Crowdfunding Courses

We have watched both of these online crowdfunding courses created by our Community Resource Partners from beginning to end and can attest to their quality. The instructors are industry experts. Scroll down to read more about each course to determine which is a better fit for your potential campaign.


Online Crowdfunding CoursesCrowdfunding to Win

Taught by our Community Resource Partner Tim Wright of twintangibles.
$40 for lifetime access to the 15-unit course (1.5 hours total class time)

Best for: small business, entrepreneurs, creators, makers

Course Description:

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding to Win
Section 1: Principles
  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • The Principles of Crowdfunding
Section 2: The TAMP Process
  • Introduction to TAMP / T – Target
  • TAMP – – Audit
  • TAMP – M – Methodology
  • TAMP – P – Planning & Prep
Section 3: Practical Considerations
  • Building a Crowd
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring & Metrics
  • Costing Campaign
  • Getting Help
  • Components of a Good Campaign
Section 4: After Winning
  • When It’s All Over
  • Conclusion


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