Want To Learn Crowdfunding Basics?

We Have A Course For That

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The Crowdfunding Opportunity Online Course, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding for small business, small business crowdfunding, small business, business crowdfunding, crowdfunding for businessThe Crowdfunding Opportunity

Taught by our Founder Kathleen Minogue.
$29 for lifetime access to the 5-lesson course + 4 downloadable worksheets
(1 hour+ total class time)

  • "Initially, when I learned about crowdfunding a couple of years ago, I was intimidated by the steep learning curve and amount of work. After completing The Crowdfunding Opportunity course, I felt ready to dive into the crowdfunding mindset and realized that there is no bad outcome from the experience. My favorite part of the course was learning about the non-financial benefits of doing a crowdfunding campaign. The educational information is presented in short segments, which makes it easy to stay focused and engaged with the material. The additional resources make the entire process manageable, easier, less intimidating and reassuring."

    Pablo Serrano Sr. Photographer, Owner of Imageasel LLC

La Oportunidad de Crowdfunding con Scott Madsen, Crowdfund Better, curso de crowdfunding en línea, curso de crowdfunding en español, tipos de crowdfunding en español, plataformas de crowdfunding en español, recursos de crowdfunding en español, financiamiento colectivo curso en líneaLa Oportunidad de Crowdfunding

Enseñó por Scott Madsen.
$29 para acceso de por vida al curso de 5 lecciones
+ 4 hojas de trabajo descargables
(1 hora+ tiempo total de clase)

Course Description:

The Crowdfunding Opportunity is an online, self-guided course to help you understand how you can use crowdfunding to fund your business.

Course Contents:

  • Lesson 1: What is Crowdfunding?
  • Lesson 2: How Does Crowdfunding Work?
  • Lesson 3: What Can You Crowdfund?
  • Lesson 4: How is Crowdfunding Different from Traditional Funding?
  • Lesson 5: Are You Ready to Crowdfund?

Includes Downloadable Worksheets:

  • Worksheet 1: Network Reflection Worksheet
  • Worksheet 2: The Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet
  • Worksheet 3: Non-financial Value Worksheet
  • Worksheet 4: Crowdfunding Self-Assessment Worksheet

Want To Learn About Investment Crowdfunding?

We Have A Course For That, Too!

Investment Crowdfunding for Everyone online course, Crowdfund Better, crowdfunding course, crowdfunding education, regulation crowdfunding course, Reg CF, investment crowdfunding course

Investment Crowdfunding for Everyone

Taught by our Founder Kathleen Minogue.
$99 for lifetime access to the 6-lesson course + downloadable worksheets
(1.5 hours+ total class time)

Course Description:

Investment Crowdfunding for Everyone is an online, self-guided course to learn the rules of the road and what you need to know to do Investment Crowdfunding right.

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