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The Crowdfunding Opportunity Course, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding for small business, small business crowdfunding, small business, business crowdfunding, crowdfunding for businessThe Crowdfunding Opportunity

Taught by our Founder Kathleen Minogue.
$19.99 for lifetime access to the 5-unit course + 4 downloadable worksheets
(1 hour+ total class time)

  • "We had tried a crowdfunding campaign in the past and had no idea what we were doing. The Crowdfunding Opportunity course has helped us see what pitfalls to avoid and how to launch a very successful campaign."

    Diana Blaylock Owner, Mama's Best Bakery

Course Description:

The Crowdfunding Opportunity is an online, self-guided course to help you understand how you can use crowdfunding to fund your business.

Course Contents

Unit 1: What is Crowdfunding?

Unit 2: How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Unit 3: What Can You Crowdfund?

Unit 4: How is Crowdfunding Different from Traditional Funding?

Unit 5: Are You Ready to Crowdfund?

Includes Downloadable Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Network Reflection Worksheet

Worksheet 2: The Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet

Worksheet 3: Non-financial Value Worksheet

Worksheet 4: Crowdfunding Self-Assessment Worksheet

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