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  • Crowdfund Better worked with me as I raised money through an Investment Crowdfunding platform for my organic absinthe business. I bought a five hour package as I have a lot of marketing, social media, and Kickstarter experience. CfB provided me with tools I wish I had years ago!

    Their email marketing funnel was genius, their social media ideas invaluable, and most importantly, the calls with Kathleen and Scott were really fun! I loved talking to them and took notes on every call because the ideas just kept on coming. We saved our last hour of time for the last week of my campaign, and because of their advice, I doubled my raise! I highly recommend Crowdfund Better for anyone whether you have a ton of experience already or are just starting out. Thanks Kathleen and Scott! I am so grateful for your advice!

    Absinthia J. Vermut
    Absinthia J. Vermut Founder, Absinthia's Bottled Spirits
  • Crowdfund Better saved my life. I’m a clever fellow, but the complexities and nuances of a successful crowdfunding campaign overwhelmed me. Kathleen and Scott came to my rescue with their expertise, professionalism and patience! Together we not only met my goal, but surpassed it and reached my stretch goal. Mission accomplished. I did a shoot of my solo play ¡Gaytino! Made in America. 
    Thank you! -Dan Guerrero
    Dan Guerrero
    Dan Guerrero Playwright, ¡Gaytino! Made in America
  • Wow! Fantastic. I can't say enough positive things about their first step, the Crowdfunding Roadmap & Report. The information, presentation, resources, tips, and insight I got from a short assessment then a 30-minute phone call was beyond what I expected. Especially for the price!!!! A HUGE value.

    Nina Gibbs
    Nina Gibbs Founder & CEO, Swim Foundations
  • Dear Kathleen and Scott, I want to thank both of you for all of your assistance with our crowdfunding campaign. I feel our campaign was a great success. We raised $11,400.00! This means we can now offer the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) training for FREE to 76 teachers. This also means that over the course of two years we will have placed the ICWIB training into the hands of over 2,280 preschool and elementary school children. In addition, the awareness of the ICWIB program has spread to many new and different parts of the world, which feels wonderful.  Thanks again for all of your advice and assistance!

    Nancy Marie
    Nancy Marie Author, I Create What I Believe
  • I wanted to take a moment to both thank you and provide some feedback here for anyone who may be looking for guidance in the way that I was some months ago. Working with Crowdfund Better has been an amazing process. Your words at the beginning of this journey have been in my mind a lot over the past couple weeks – you had said that it can be a “transformative process” for some people. It has.

    In the beginning, I found the notion of crowdfunding not only unfamiliar but overwhelming. The idea of “putting myself out there” as you put it was quite daunting to me; it is one thing to do so as an actor in the space of a performance, but to reach out to the world as me and “ask for help” was terrifying. As you predicted, this journey has forced me to work through much of that. I remember writing to you just after we hit the 100% mark on our goal and it was quite an emotional moment for me. We reached goal and now a film that otherwise may never have been made is well under way.

    Your knowledge and competence in this area is clearly exceptional. However, it has been the more intangible aspects of working with you that I would truly like others to know about. You had a way of transforming this process into an opportunity for empowerment and a journey of self-growth. This is a magnificently exceptional thing. I cannot thank you enough, Kathleen. I would probably have gone for it anyway had we not met, but I suspect I would never have grasped these intangibles. Because of you, the crowdfunding process on this film became much more than an avenue to raise the financial support needed, it became an experience that improved my self-confidence both as an artist and as a person.

    Genuinely, Kathleen, you are a beautiful soul, and I would not only recommend you to anyone in need of guidance in this area, but I would also wish the experience on those I care about.

    Daniel Hart Donoghue
    Daniel Hart Donoghue Writer/Director, Paradox Lost
  • I was introduced to Kathleen Minogue through another filmmaker (& my BFF) when I realized I wanted to make a feature film…and was broke. I knew that crowdfunding had already been a huge game-changer and was the ONLY way we were going to be able to do our project so – I threw myself at Kathleen’s mercy. We had a team in place and, though “green” we were not clueless. We had just enough sense to know we had to research right, get the correct info and do our homework if we were going to make this crowdfunding thing work.

    Enter Kathleen Minogue & Crowdfund Better.

    She came to our house and gave us a crash course. She walked us through our model. Heard out our expectations, our goals and told us what was realistic and what wasn’t and the step-by-step things we needed to do in order to get there. She had suggestions. She offered solutions and options. She helped us hone our message and streamline our timeline and pitch.

    She was also available to answer our questions and helped us when we met our ask goal in 3 days. We refined our ask and, as a result ended our campaign with 110% of our ask, about $25K over our initial ask.

    NONE of that would have happened without Kathleen’s help and guidance. Now that crowdfunding is becoming so popular the fail stories are starting to far exceed the successes. I believe – wholeheartedly – because many feel that they can just present an impassioned plea, slap together a video and the $ will come flying in.

    This, is a fairytale. 

    Without HARD WORK – I mean daily, multiple times a day, constant plugging, pimping and sourcing hard – your campaign will flounder. Unless you DO THE HOMEWORK. That is where Kathleen comes in. When anyone asks us about our campaign and how it was so successful – I mention Kathleen first and foremost. We would have not had the success we did have without her. 

    Having said all that? She also CARES. She roots for your success. She wants the crowdfunding phenomena to succeed. She has done her homework and knows this inside and out. She is a funny, charming and genuinely caring person who you want to share your success with just as much as she wants to share her expertise with you. We owe so much to her – we had an amazing experience with our entire experience – because we started with her. Simply put: she is VITAL TO ANY CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN.

    Brooke Purdy
    Brooke Purdy Writer/Co-Director, “Quality Problems
  • Thank you for the insightful Crowdfunding Report. Crowdfund Better highlighted some issues that we were aware of and are on our list to address, and more importantly, you identified many issues that we were not aware of and gave us the resources to address them. Thank you!

    Avery Resor
    Avery Resor Co-Founder, Salt Point Seaweed
  • Kathleen has provided a vision where there was only the seed of an idea. She has presented a door where there was a wall. I’ve been able to arrange priorities, set up goals, establish time lines, and find new platforms and communities thanks to her knowledge and experience. Crowdfund Better is an incredible and indispensable asset to my creative path.

    Julio Panisello
    Julio Panisello Visual Artist/Teacher, Creator of The Havisham Hour
  • Kathleen helped me define my brand as a Filmmaker as we embarked on the production of our film “Ending Up”. She helped me develop and articulate my mission as an artist, and through this mission we were able to successfully launch a Kickstarter campaign and raise the funding necessary to complete the film. Kathleen has an innate ability to cut through the surface, to recognize specific strengths, and put those nuances into words. She possesses a combination of intuitive sensibility and an excellent ability to clarify and communicate her ideas. Crowdfund Better knew just what I needed to get to the source of who I am as an artist and to help me define my own unique voice.

    Paige Morrow Kimball
    Paige Morrow Kimball Writer/Director/Producer, Ending Up & Play Date
  • Kathleen gives essential help with crowdfunding. Her quality of advice, guidance and practical solutions are a must for launching any campaign, especially if you are going it alone. I couldn’t have done it without her!

    Carolyn Downie
    Carolyn Downie Musician/Composer, Creator of “To Light“
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