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Crowdfunding Failure is Preventable

Over 50% of all crowdfunding campaigns NEVER reach 10% of their goal. Why? Most campaign creators don’t know how crowdfunding works.

At Crowdfund Better, we’re ALL about guiding you toward crowdfunding success. That’s why we focus on education. Our clients avoid the typical crowdfunding campaign creator journey that fails on so many levels.

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Here’s How to Achieve Your Crowdfunding Goals

The Crowdfund Better Process™ is rooted in our founder’s experience as an educator and built on the learnings of 9 years of consulting for a variety of crowdfunding campaign creators – from nonprofits to creatives to entrepreneurs to small businesses. It’s not just another “Top 10” to do list. It’s a curriculum, tailored to your business and your community.

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Click here to read more about how to prepare for your best chances of crowdfunding success.

Want to understand how crowdfunding works?

An online course to help you navigate 
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to fund your business.

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wine barrel

Looking for a personalized roadmap for your crowdfunding journey?

Take our Roadmap Questionnaire,
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begin plotting your journey
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  • "Kathleen and Scott are a real joy to work with and provided me with concrete action skills to leverage my social media channels, particularly with Twitter, to engage with more journalists and to highlight my current thought leadership articles to attract values-aligned investors. They ensure that their business recommendations are values-aligned to your business and how you decide to raise capital for your business." 

    Kai B. Nortey
    Kai B. Nortey CEO/Co-Founder, Kubé Nice Cream
  • We had tried a crowdfunding campaign in the past and had no idea what we were doing. (The Crowdfunding Opportunity) course has helped us see what pitfalls to avoid and how to launch a very successful campaign.

    Diana Blaylock
    Diana Blaylock Owner, Mama's Best Bakery
  • "What I totally appreciate about working with Crowdfund Better as a small business advisor is that they are much more concerned about the client doing the right thing for their business and actually being successful rather then selling more services. I know that I can be completely comfortable steering a client in a different direction or at least opening the dialogue about it."

    Trish Funk
    Trish Funk Director of Women's Business Center at JEDI
  • Where do I start?! No matter what kind of journey you are on as a business owner, someone about to start a crowdfunding campaign, or even if you have tons of experience, if you don’t know Kathleen and Scott, you are missing out! They are both not only a HUGE joy to work with, but everything from the initial assessment, all the way through with their calls, their insights, systems, framework, etc. and then all the support you get throughout your whole campaign…I can’t even put a value on that. 

    Kathleen and Scott have hearts of gold. They take what you are comfortable with, then get you to think outside the box to create the absolute most success possible (and beyond! I exceeded my goal by $13,000 on Wefunder, raising almost $63,000!) Crowdfunding is HARD. Aside from it being something challenging to navigate through, it is an emotional roller coaster when you put yourself out there to the world. You want Crowdfund Better on your team. There are so many little things that come up in the process, and to be able to send Kathleen and Scott a quick email to ask about the challenges, and also share the victories with, was honestly what kept me pushing along. 
    You have both become lifelong friends who I value immensely. You have transformed me into a stronger person, a better business woman, and I am so lucky to have you in my life now. I can’t even imagine what I would have missed out if our paths didn’t cross! When people congratulate me for having a successful campaign, I mention you guys. It 100% wouldn’t have happened without your support, guidance, and expertise and I am forever indebted to you!
    Sarah Buxbaum
    Sarah Buxbaum Founder, Owner & CEO at Celebrate with Sarah & CWS Hospitality
  • Crowdfund Better worked with me as I raised money through an Investment Crowdfunding platform for my organic absinthe business. I bought a five hour package as I have a lot of marketing, social media, and Kickstarter experience. CfB provided me with tools I wish I had years ago!

    Their email marketing funnel was genius, their social media ideas invaluable, and most importantly, the calls with Kathleen and Scott were really fun! I loved talking to them and took notes on every call because the ideas just kept on coming. We saved our last hour of time for the last week of my campaign, and because of their advice, I doubled my raise! I highly recommend Crowdfund Better for anyone whether you have a ton of experience already or are just starting out. Thanks Kathleen and Scott! I am so grateful for your advice!

    Absinthia J. Vermut
    Absinthia J. Vermut Founder, Absinthia's Bottled Spirits
  • Crowdfund Better saved my life. I’m a clever fellow, but the complexities and nuances of a successful crowdfunding campaign overwhelmed me. Kathleen and Scott came to my rescue with their expertise, professionalism and patience! Together we not only met my goal, but surpassed it and reached my stretch goal. Mission accomplished. I did a shoot of my solo play ¡Gaytino! Made in America. 
    Thank you! -Dan Guerrero
    Dan Guerrero
    Dan Guerrero Playwright, ¡Gaytino! Made in America
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