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Crowdfunding Failure is Preventable

The majority of crowdfunding campaigns NEVER reach 10% of their goal. Why? Most campaign creators don’t know how crowdfunding works.

At Crowdfund Better, we’re ALL about guiding you toward crowdfunding success. That’s why we focus on education. Our clients avoid the typical crowdfunding campaign creator journey that fails on so many levels.

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Here’s How to Achieve Your Crowdfunding Goals

The Crowdfund Better Process™ is rooted in our founder’s experience as an educator and built on the learnings of 10+ years of consulting for a variety of crowdfunding campaign creators – from nonprofits to creatives to entrepreneurs to small businesses. It’s not just another “Top 10” to do list. It’s a curriculum, tailored to your business and your community.

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  • "I am happy that I purchased The Crowdfunding Opportunity online course by Crowdfund Better because it is extremely affordable, explains key components of what Crowdfunding is and whether it is the right solution for your funding needs. I also appreciated the downloadable worksheets including the one that helps you figure out your networking situation to see who may be able to contribute to your campaign and not. For anyone who is new to crowdfunding, this is a great introductory course. I look forward to doing more online courses with Crowdfund Better."

    Símon Zimmer
    Símon Zimmer Solar Program Manager
  • "Thanks for the Report Card you created for PersonalizedNewspaper.com. I just finished reading it in its entirety today. I am extremely IMPRESSED!!! I have never seen anything like this before. It was informative and inspiring and I am fully aware of the road ahead to accomplish my desired overall goal of $100K - in stages, of course.

    Having the numbers from the Crowdfunding Report you prepared is invaluable.

    I can actually use the research you provided to develop my Financial Business Model for PersonalizedNewspaper.com so that my pricing and offer fits within the exact range of successful publishing industry campaigns you highlighted in the report. This takes the "guesswork" out of Business Plan Financial Forecasting and makes it realistic."

    Danté Hamilton
    Danté Hamilton CEO, Editor & Publisher
  • "Initially, when I learned about crowdfunding a couple of years ago, I was intimidated by the steep learning curve and amount of work. After completing The Crowdfunding Opportunity course, I felt ready to dive into the crowdfunding mindset and realized that there is no bad outcome from the experience. My favorite part of the course was learning about the non-financial benefits of doing a crowdfunding campaign. The educational information is presented in short segments, which makes it easy to stay focused and engaged with the material. The additional resources make the entire process manageable, easier, less intimidating and reassuring."

    Pablo Serrano
    Pablo Serrano Sr. Photographer, Owner of Imageasel LLC
  • "Kathleen + Scott, Wow! We did it! Thanks! Seriously, couldn't have done it without all your amazing help + support. So grateful to have you in our lives looking out for us. Your work is so important to the world, keep it up! :)"

    Britt, Brandon & Jane
    Britt, Brandon & Jane Co-Founders, Hella Awkward
  • "I appreciate new connections so much and you all got me even more active on LinkedIn. I know that investors I'm speaking with are SO impressed by the crowdfunding campaign and you all being my coaches. I think it's helped them see that others see something in me and my ability to help more people with my business."

    Arielle Brown
    Arielle Brown Founder, Bea's Bayou Skincare
  • "I learned a lot about myself that I don’t think I could have if not for you guys’ guidance and that holds more value than any dollar amount we could have raised!"

    Rod Foster
    Rod Foster Founder, Velvet Noir Beard & Skin Care
  • "I completed the online course over the weekend. The cadence was perfect and I loved the bite sized pieces of information to consume at a time. It kept me engaged throughout!"

    Lizz Rene
    Lizz Rene CEO, PO' UP Cards
  • "Crowdfund Idaho has helped us reimagine the purpose of crowdfunding beyond simply raising money for our outdoor classroom. We learned how crowdfunding can help us grow our business, strengthen our relationships, and have a positive impact in our community. The course materials walk you through step-by-step and Kathleen & Scott (of Crowdfund Better) are incredibly responsive and inspirational!"

    Angie & Marcus Marianthi
    Angie & Marcus Marianthi Owners, Boise Music Lessons
  • "The Crowdfund Better and FundBlackFounders Incubator was a game changer for me. The program taught me how to plan for and build my crowdfunding campaign, how to organize, manage and engage my crowd and how to market my campaign. The program ultimately led to huge success for my campaign."

    Sidney Baptista
    Sidney Baptista Founder, PYNRS
  • "Through my campaign I became more confident speaking about my business and what it can offer. I don’t think I would have gotten very far without the support and guidance from Crowdfund Better."

    Lissette Arceo
    Lissette Arceo Owner, Confetti Fiesta
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