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Bakersfield Californian, Kathleen Minogue, Crowdfund Better webinar, Cal State Bakersfield's Small Business Development Center

March 27, 2024 – Bakersfield.com

Host Kelly Bearden, director of Cal State Bakersfield’s Small Business Development Center, will speak with Kathleen Minogue, CEO and founder of a national crowdfunding education and assistance organization called Crowdfund Better.

Minogue plans to go over keys to crowdfunding success, as well as how it can work with other capital-raising options and how to determine whether it’s a good fit for individual small businesses. Attendees will receive helpful worksheets.

NAV blog

Jan 8, 2024 – Nav Blog

“The big story is definitely the increased number of successful debt Reg CF offerings,” says Kathleen Minogue, Founder and CEO of Crowdfund Better. “With interest rates up and lenders tightening their loan criteria, more businesses turned to their communities for capital.”

She also notes that early data indicates “what many of us already suspected about crowdfunding…that companies that use it are more resilient than the average and stay in business.”

Sports Illustrated, JLH Social Impact Fund, Jrue & Lauren Holiday, Kinship Advisors, FundBlackFounders, Crowdfund Better, BlackFacts, Dale Dowdie, Black Worldschoolers Mobile Bookstore, Natalie Pipkin, Britt Rowe, Hella Awkward

July 6, 2022 – Sports Illustrated

They also wanted to provide resources to help them succeed once they did get money. To that end, they teamed up with crowdfunding experts and business coaches to create a network for their class of recipients, namely organizations such as The Kinship Advisors, Fund Black Founders and Crowdfund Better. They found themselves creating a community of people who want to help others in the same way.

Rowe and Hella Awkward benefited greatly from the partnerships with Fund Black Founders and Crowdfund Better. They went through “three to six months of just education through these two companies,” Rowe says. They met weekly, had homework and assignments and learned how to build their business. “We all just kind of hang out for two hours once a week and give each other critiques and build together,” she says.

Essence, Crowdfund Better, Impresario by NEW, Los Angeles, minority founders, women owned business, small business owner, crowdfunding technical assistance, crowdfunding education, crowdfunding training

June 4, 2022 – Essence

Per a news release, Impresario has recently announced its partnership with Crowdfund Better to expand their funding reach.

StartupNation, Gerri Detweiler, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, post-pandemic funding, small business funding, crowdfunding for small business

May 18, 2021 – StartupNation

“Crowdfunding is no longer niche funding, but a growing source of capital tailor-made for startups who are looking both for funding and to acquire new customers,” Kathleen Minogue, founder and CEO of Crowdfund Better, said.

“The big story in 2021 is investment crowdfunding, particularly offerings using Reg CF. These offerings saw a 77.6% uptick in funds raised between 2019 and 2020, and 2021 shows no signs of slowing down with the SEC recently updating the rules to allow for larger raises up to $5 million.”

Tip: Download a free crowdfunding cheat sheet at Crowdfundbetter.com; it will provide you with a list of reputable platforms across the crowdfunding landscape.

Arlington garden in Pasadena, 15 year anniversary, crowdfunding campaign, crowdfunding success, nonprofit crowdfunding, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, Scott Madsen

May 18, 2021 – Arlington Garden in Pasadena, 2020 Annual Report

With the help of a generous $50,000 anonymous matching grant, the garden raised a total of $120,000 in its first-ever crowdfunding campaign! Over 251 people donated during the 60 day campaign, helping the garden offset losses in revenue due to the pandemic. Thank you to Scott Madsen & Kathleen Minogue from Crowdfund Better for their valuable guidance on running a crowdfunding campaign and providing us with a discount to their service. Thank you to Diane Nicholson, Sam Nicholson, Houston Jones, and Catchafire volunteer, editor Justin Streichman for their help with the campaign video.

Nonprofit Quarterly, nonprofit crowdfunding, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding consultant, crowdfunding education, crowdfunding training, crowdfunding assessment, crowdfunding questionnaire, crowdfunding resource, crowdfunding success story, impact investing, community capital

March 5, 2021 – Nonprofit Quarterly

Open call to open source. Professionals from a variety of industries can open-source deal templates, due diligence questionnaires and processes, platforms and servicer ratings and experiences, success stories, and lessons learned. Already, some organizations, like Crowdfund BetterImpactAlpha, and Locavesting, are providing insights and resources to the public. The more that can be shared outside of paywalls, the wiser the movement will become.

Dance Business Weekly, Hannah Maria Hayes, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, Nika Kermani, NK Studios, dance business funding, dance business fundraising, dance business owner, dance business crowdfunding, small business owner, entrepreneurship, crowdfunding during COVID

February 10, 2021 – Dance Business Weekly

That’s because Kermani not only identified a need in her city, but she was proactive about asking for her community’s support and clear about what she was using the money for—something that many campaign creators fail to do. It’s one of the reasons more than half of all crowdfunding campaigns never reach 10 percent of their goal, according to Kathleen Minogue, founder and CEO of consulting agency Crowdfund Better. “Picking a platform? That’s your last concern,” she says. “The first thing you have to think about is organizing your network. Before you start thinking about money and platforms and rewards, take some time and think about your community and how you will communicate with them.”

Home Business Magazine, Gerri Detweiler, Crowdfund Better, Crowdfund Idaho, Idaho Women's Business Center, Mama's Best Bakery, Twin Falls, Idaho, crowdfunding, alternative funding, pandemic funding for small businesses, COVID-19, small business funding resources

December 20, 2020 – Home Business Magazine

The Idaho Women’s Business Center connected her with Crowdfund Better (via their collaboration called Crowdfund Idaho) which is guiding her through the steps to create a new campaign, and she’s optimistic that this time will be successful.

Tip: The free Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet at Crowdfundbetter.com explains the different types of crowdfunding, the pros and cons of each, and will help you identify platforms for each type of campaign.

BoiseDev, Margaret Carmel, Crowdfund Idaho, Crowdfund Better, Idaho Women's Business Center, Boise, Idaho, crowdfunding for small business, small business crowdfunding, COVID19, COVID impacted business

December 1, 2020 – BoiseDev

Through a partnership between Crowdfund Better and the Idaho Women’s Business Center, any business can receive free training on how to raise funds to launch a new business or keep an existing one afloat. Through the Crowdfund Idaho partnership, any Idaho business affected by COVID-19 can receive up to $2,000 in virtual training on marketing, building a strong business and raising funds to make sure a campaign is successful through Crowdfund Better.

Crowdfund Better CEO Kathleen Minogue founded the company after she saw a lack of resources for women, minorities or rural businesses looking to launch businesses through crowdfunding. She said her goal is to educate businesses on the intricacies of crowdfunding and provide personalized help for businesses to make sure they can have a successful campaign.

Minogue said this process includes multiple steps including making sure business owners have a business entity set up, help them create financial projections, build a reward system for donors and other training before heading right into hoping for supporters. Crowdfund Idaho also doesn’t have a platform fee, like some other crowdfunding services.

“Over 50% of campaigns don’t reach 10% of their goal, but using Crowdfund Better Process™, our clients see significantly higher success rates and often exceed their goals and it’s because we have those middle steps,” she said. “They don’t go straight to posting their campaign. We’re being very strategic and making sure it’s going to serve that business, but also building the business capacity.”

Preston Citizen, Preston Idaho, Preston County Idaho

September 30, 2020 – Preston Citizen

One of these partnerships is called Crowdfund Idaho, and is a collaborative effort between the IWBC and Crowdfund Better, with Sayrd Iverson, IWBC East Director and Kathleen Minogue, Creator and CEO of Crowdfund Better at the helm.

Global Entrepreneurship Network, Global Entrepreneur Week 2020, Idaho, Crowdfund Idaho, Idaho Women's Business Center, Crowdfund Better, Norris Krueger, Kathleen Minogue, Diane Bevin

September 1, 2020 – Idaho Business Review

Invitations are already going out to every corner of the state, every industry, every demographic with special attention to the under-represented. We are using one of the experts at crowdfunding, Kathleen Minogue, founder and CEO of Crowdfund Better, to provide free coaching on crowdfunding and other customer-funding models. 

Small Business Majority

October 2, 2019 – Small Business Majority

Kathleen Minogue, Founder & CEO of Crowdfund Better and With Love Board Member explained, “It has always been our hope to revisit crowdfunding as a way to grow With Love’s impact, and after many years of dreaming and many months of planning, we are bringing the story full circle through this investment crowdfunding campaign.”

The Partnership for Lending in Underserved Markets (PLUM): Increasing Minority Entrepreneurs’ Access to Capital, SBA, Milken Institute, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding, alternative capital, underserved, lending, community capital, black owned business, latino owned business, women owned business, small business owner, Los Angeles, PLUM, 2018 report

November 13, 2018 – by Carolyn Karo Schulman – Milken Institute

“When PLUM LA started many participants didn’t have a working knowledge of crowdfunding and couldn’t see how it was relevant to helping underserved entrepreneurs fund their businesses. By the final Lender Referral Networking Event in August of 2018, some of these same individuals were suggesting crowdfunding as a solution for entrepreneurs who had been turned down by lenders and were starting to see how crowdfunding could create a path to bankability. Prior to PLUM, I was having little success creating dialogue with lenders and technical assistance providers about the crowdfunding opportunity for underserved entrepreneurs, so this was a significant transformation and a direct result of two years of conversations facilitated by the Milken Institute and SBA among individuals who would not have been brought into meaningful conversation without the catalyst of PLUM. These relationships are already creating new collaborations, like the one between Crowdfund Better and OmniWorks, to incorporate crowdfunding as a core funding strategy for minority entrepreneurs participating in the OmniWorks incubator program. ”Kathleen Minogue, Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Better (page 21)


January 11, 2018 – by Devin Thorpe – Forbes

“Make a commitment to take action every week and keep a list to keep yourself honest. Even when life gets busy, you’ll have that commitment (and a written list) to keep you focused throughout the year.” ~ @kathleenminogue


Women Unbound: Unleashing Female Entrepreneurial Potential

July 12, 2017 – PwC in collaboration with The Crowdfunding Center

“Should experience of rewards crowdfunding be a new lending criteria? A successful rewards campaign shows why ‘goodwill’ isn’t intangible; it has real commercial value that can be translated into online sales dollars now and the financial support of loyal customers in the future. In crowdfunding, the trust that you build with your network is your currency. You can turn your social proof, your brand recognition and your goodwill into funding.” Kathleen Minogue, CEO, Crowdfund Better (page 10)


Business Advisors: Unleashing a startup funding revolution

July 11, 2017 – by Barry James – Business Advice Blog

So why the information gap? This dearth of support for the very people who, in the words of expert Kathleen Minogue of Crowdfund Better, can provide “the critical link in carrying crowdfunding over the chasm from the early adopter entrepreneurs – to the more pragmatic early majority entrepreneurs” who are not yet aware of it’s huge potential to fund existing and new businesses. As she also says: “Business advisors are the key.”

YouCaring, GoFundMe

Crowdfunding Expert Roundup: 13 Pros Make Predictions

June 8, 2017 – by Paige Kutilek – GoFundMe Blog

Kathleen Minogue, founder & CEO of Crowdfund Better, said:
“The future of crowdfunding is niche with more community and less crowd. In the past, niche platforms couldn’t compete with the major players, but as we move from the early crowdfunding adopters to the early crowdfunding majority we are entering new territory. Different types of campaigns require different types of support, and niche platforms that can provide that support will grow strongly alongside the original players.”


April 17, 2017 – by Devin Thorpe – Forbes

“Don’t be afraid of appearing to stand still; listening, observing & reflecting are actions.” ~ @kathleenminogue



September 9, 2016 – by Susan Brown Consulting

If you think Crowdfunding’s time has come and gone, think again. Crowdfunding has grown from $1.5 billion in 2011 to $34 billion in 2015. What does crowdfunding offer in addition to capital? “Proof of concept, customer development and buy-in, product research, and leverage for other types of capital,” says Kathleen Minogue, owner of Crowdfund Better. A 2016 SBA report found a causal relationship between crowdfunding success and ability to access additional financing, build partnerships, create a strong customer base and find employees.

SeedandSpark logo

Giving Cancer the Middle Finger: Quality Problems in Fundraising

September 1, 2015 – Seed&Spark Blog

Then we invested in a consultation with Kathleen Minogue at Crowdfund Better. She gave us a one-on-one (or really one-on-five) dissertation on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Finding Success in Crowdfunding

August 21, 2015 – Videomaker Magazine

Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding expert and CEO/Founder of Los Angeles based Crowdfund Better warns of five crowdfunding mistakes:

Print Articles/Blogs

Crowdfund Insider, Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor™ Program, Crowdfund Better

Crowdfund Better Now Offers Certified Advisor Program

January 14, 2023 – by JD Alois – Crowdfund Insider

einpresswire logo, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor™ Program, press release, business advisor, crowdfunding certification

Press Release: Crowdfund Better Launches Certified Advisor Program

January 3, 2023 – by Crowdfund Better – EINPresswire


Crowdfunding Installment #2: Mechanics & Dynamics of Crowdfunding

April 15, 2020 – by Karl R. LaPan – The NIIC


Installment #1: Crowdfunding: Is it for you?

March 31, 2020 – by Karl R. LaPan – The NIIC

Idaho Business Review, Sharon Fisher, crowdfunding, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding for business, small business crowdfunding, Idaho crowdfunding, crowdfunding article, crowdfunding news, crowdfunding publication

Crowdfunding: ‘an old-fashioned barn-raising with modern tools’

February 5, 2020 – by Sharon Fisher – Idaho Business Review

Wall Street Journal

Asking Friends and Family for Startup Cash on Social Media

November 26, 2018 – by Barbara Haislip – Wall Street Journal

Inglewood, California, Inglewood Business Magazine, June 2018, Crowdfund Better, crowdfunding, small business, alternative funding, alternative capital, entrepreneur, small business owner, black owned business, latinx owned business, small business owner, business funding, crowdfunding for business

Why Small Business Should Be Crowdfunding

June 6, 2018 – Inglewood Business Magazine


Why We Need to Address Crowdfunding Education Now

November 12, 2016 – Crowdfund Insider


Crowdfund Your Way To Bankability

November 2016 – Fashion Mannuscript
By Bruce Dobb, Partner at Concerned Capital & Kathleen Minogue, Founder of Crowdfund Better


Superpowers for Good, Devin Thorpe, Kathleen Minogue, Crowdfund Better, crowdfunding education, crowdfunding superpower, crowdfunding interview, crowdfunding podcast

The Transformational Power of Crowdfunding

December 14, 2021 – Superpowers for Good

Crowdfunding Success with Kathleen Minogu‪e‬

December 1, 2020 – BizMode Podcast with Alex Bruno

BizMode Podcast, Alex Bruno, Bruno Group, Crowdfund Better, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding for small business, business crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, small business owner, finding funding, alternative funding, small business funding


How Idaho Organizations Are Using The Power Of Crowdfunding

November 10, 2020 – Boise State Public Radio, Idaho Matters Podcast

The Business Backpack Episode 7: Crowdfunding

August 27, 2020 – The Business Backpack Podcast

The Business Backpack Podcast, Megan Bryant, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding, Crowdfund Better

gaia university, social enterprise

Mandatory Cocktail Hour – Episode 8

October 27, 2017 – The Networked Leader Companion Podcast

Joe Houde, Mandatory Cocktail Hour, Kathleen Minogue, podcast, Crowdfund Better

GoodCrowd.info, Devin Thorpe, Kathleen Minogue, crowdfunding

To Crowdfund Successfully, Think About More Than Money

January 10th, 2017 – Your Mark On The World Podcast

A Crowdfunding Expert Gives Away Her Secret Strategy

December 1, 2015 – CrowdCrux Podcast

CrowdCrux, Sal Briggman, Kickstarter, Indiegogo


Kathleen was invited by GoDaddy to address the “5 Crowdfunding Misconceptions” and how it can be used to unlock your business funding goals.

Kathleen interviews Lori Shandro, Co-Founder & Producer of Treefort Music Fest, about her reason for choosing to pursue an investment crowdfunding campaign as well as experience for “Crowdfund Idaho LIVE 2020.”

Kathleen was joined by Sayrd Iverson (co-creator of Crowdfund Idaho) to discuss the value of crowdfunding for small businesses during “Crowdfund Idaho LIVE 2020.”

Interested in booking Kathleen as a speaker, for a workshop or for an interview?
Kathleen’s bio and press contact can be found here.

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