Crowdfund Better® Communities is an initiative dedicated to expanding access to low or no cost crowdfunding education, training and support to empower the flow of capital via crowdfunding to under-resourced entrepreneurs in our communities. Since its inception, Crowdfund Better has been committed to bringing the Crowdfunding Opportunity to minority, women and rural entrepreneurs. View the impact of this work below.

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Impresario/Crowdfund Better Training Program (2022-23)

Crowdfund Better was chosen to provide crowdfunding education and campaign preparation training in collaboration with Impresario powered by NEW Economics for Women

Meet some of the participants who received our Crowdfund Better Process® Entrepreneur Training as well as some of their testimonials on the value of the program below.

“Thank you for the support & training. The journey was amazing!” Christina Smith, Curly Gurl Luv

Pablo Serrano, Image Easel, Crowdfund Better, client testimonial
Impresario, Christina Smith, Curly Gurl Luv, Crowdfund Better, client testimonial
Danté Hamilton,, Crowdfund Better, client testimonial
JLH Social Impact Fund 2021 Small Business Grantees, FundBlackFounders, Crowdfund Better, black owned business crowdfunding campaigns

FundBlackFounders/JLH Social Impact Fund 2021-22 Small Business Cohort

Crowdfund Better was proud to have been selected by the JLH Social Impact Fund to provide crowdfunding education and training to 25 black-owned businesses in the 2021 Small Business Grantees cohort in partnership with the FundBlackFounders platform. 

Meet the successful participants below who completed our Crowdfund Better Process® Entrepreneur Training and launched campaigns.

“I learned that there are so many people who believe in Embody Yoga and are willing to support the work that we do. I also learned that I tend to dream and play small. I now know and believe that anything is possible for Embody Yoga.”Joanna Brooks, Embody Yoga

“How much was this training worth? Absolutely invaluable! It resulted in us raising $112k in funding and the relationships developed have secured even more sales and funding. Beyond the money, our business growth and our personal growth have been immeasurable. We would have never been able to comprehend the value of this program beforehand.”Carmen Dianne & Kara Still, Prosperity Market

“Kathleen + Scott, Wow! We did it! Thanks! Seriously, couldn’t have done it without all your amazing help + support. So grateful to have you in our lives looking out for us. Your work is so important to the world, keep it up! :)” Britt, Brandon & Jane, Hella Awkward

“I appreciate new connections so much and you all got me even more active on LinkedIn. I know that investors I’m speaking with are SO impressed by the crowdfunding campaign and you all being my coaches. I think it’s helped them see that others see something in me and my ability to help more people with my business.”Arielle Brown, Bea’s Bayou Skincare


Crowdfund Idaho (2021-22)

Crowdfund Idaho was a 2021-2022 crowdfunding education initiative powered by Crowdfund Better Community Programs to help Idaho businesses raise capital from their communities using this new innovative access-to-capital tool.

“Crowdfund Better has helped us reimagine the purpose of crowdfunding beyond simply raising money for our outdoor classroom. We learned how crowdfunding can help us grow our business, strengthen our relationships, and have a positive impact in our community. The course materials walk you through step-by-step and Kathleen & Scott are incredibly responsive and inspirational!”Angie & Marcus Marianthi, Campfire Music Collective

“Crowdfund Better Process® forced me to really delve into not only my marketing process, but to understand my customer base and how to reach them.”  – Margo Clayson, The Mighty Microgreen

The Local Crowd 4SE Incubator – funded by the National Science Foundation (2018-19)

The Local Crowd 4th Sector Ecosystem (4SE) Incubator was a 2018-2019 crowdfunding education initiative funded by the National Science Foundation’s America’s Seed Fund SBIR Grant program. 

“Through my campaign I became more confident speaking about my business and what it can offer. I don’t think I would have gotten very far without the support and guidance from Crowdfund Better.” – Lissette Arceo, Confetti Fiesta

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