¿Qué es el crowdfunding? Aprender más aquí.

What is Crowdfunding?

a transformational capital-raising process empowered by technology that turns the trust and goodwill of your network into funds to start or grow your business by allowing a large number of people to share small amounts of their social, creative and financial capital

The Crowdfunding Landscape includes three hybrids of traditional funding

Donation Crowdfunding, GoFundMe

personal causes & 501(c)(3) nonprofits

Lending Crowdfunding, P2P

peer-to-peer lending

Investment Crowdfunding, Regulation CF, JOBS ACT, WeFunder, Crowdfund Main Street, Start Engine, NextSeed, Republic, Microventures, Indiegogo

securities: debt, revenue-share & equity

    • Regulation Crowdfunding (Title III) – raises up to $1,070,000
    • Reg D (506c) – no limits
    • Reg A+ – raises up to $50M

A new type of funding for businesses & creative ideas

Rewards Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed&Spark, PieShell, iFundWomen

contains elements of pre-sales, early adopter fan support, and friends/family funding

Who can use crowdfunding?

any stage of business idea, startup, growth, established

any size of business – solo entrepreneur to Fortune 500

any kind of business – B2C, B2B, online, bricks & mortar, local, international

low barriers to entry – success based on social capital, goodwill & trust not FICO, collateral or repayment capacity

few limits on how much can be raised – from hundreds to millions of dollars

supports diversity – reflects the marketplace and supports women, minority & rural businesses

What platform should I use?

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Will crowdfunding work for me? How much can I raise?

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises, and artists at all stages of business.

Our guidance and training recommendations are best practices backed by data from over 500,000 campaigns across the industry.

Our assessment-based approach helps us identify the focus areas your team can work on
to improve your crowdfunding chances before you ever launch a campaign.

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