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The following advisors have completed our Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor Training™ and can provide trusted crowdfunding guidance using the Crowdfund Better Process™ framework. Crowdfund Better Certified Advisors™ can help you decide if crowdfunding is a good fit for your business and help you put together a crowdfunding strategy that will not only increase your potential crowdfunding success, but also strengthen your business fundamentals. Some advisors also provide no cost 1-on-1 business consulting via their organizations.

Please reach out directly using the links provided to understand their services and fees.

Note: Crowdfund Better Certified Advisors™ are business consultants that have specialized knowledge in crowdfunding. They have not been qualified by Crowdfund Better to manage your campaign or to raise funds on your behalf.

For information on how to become a Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor™, click here.

New York


Joe Peterson

Associate Business Advisor
– New York City
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“I find crowdfunding exciting because it’s the intersection of financing and marketing. At my center, we used to view these as two largely separate topics, but a small business needs both to grow. Good crowdfunding requires good marketing and good marketing leads to funding, either from new sales, a crowdfunding raise, or both. I’m excited to put my crowdfunding knowledge to work and help my clients explore and access the many different types of funding available in today’s economy.”

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