Crowdfunding Webinars for Organizations

Want a crowdfunding webinar for your clients or community?
We offer options from crowdfunding basics to specific strategies for crowdfunding success.

Individual webinars are designed to be 1-hour in length and can be combined to create a tailored webinar series for your organization.

One month advance notice is recommended to allow for scheduling and promotion by your organization and Crowdfund Better.

Available Webinar Options

Crowdfunding Basics

Webinar 1A: Crowdfunding for Small Business

Webinar 1B: Crowdfunding for Business Resilience

Building Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Webinar 2: Storytelling for Crowdfunding

Webinar 3: Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

Webinar 4: Creating Your Crowdfunding Video

Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Webinar 5: Finding the Gold in Your Network

Webinar 6: Personalizing Communications for Crowdfunding Success

Webinar 7: Email Marketing for Crowdfunding Success

Webinar 8: Building Your Day-to-Day Crowdfunding Communications Plan

Webinar 1A OR 1B


Crowdfunding for Small Business

Crowdfunding has raised over $34B in capital since 2008 but only 2% of small businesses are using crowdfunding to fund their business. The main reason: they don’t know enough about it. Get ahead of the curve! Attend this workshop if you are curious about a new capital-raising process where success is based on communication, trust and transparency, and where the value of your effort is worth more than just money. The workshop will also help you understand if crowdfunding is a good fit for your business, keys to crowdfunding success, and how crowdfunding can work in tandem with other capital-raising tools. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Topics include:

  • What crowdfunding is & the types of crowdfunding
  • How crowdfunding works
  • How crowdfunding is different from traditional funding
  • The benefits of crowdfunding beyond funding
  • How to know if crowdfunding is right for your business
  • The keys to crowdfunding success

Crowdfunding for Business Resilience

Crowdfunding is often thought of only as a tool for startups to get their businesses off the ground, but one of its unsung values is its ability to strengthen relationships with existing customers and to test the market for new products and services, while providing non-financial assets that help your business generate revenue long after your crowdfunding campaign closes. With customer needs and desires changing rapidly during COVID-19, crowdfunding provides a way to test new ideas and get customer feedback while raising the capital you need to put those ideas into action. Businesses that have already accessed federal resources such as PPP and EIDL (as well as those that were unable to access these federal resources) can use crowdfunding to help their businesses remain resilient through both the financial and non-financial assets crowdfunding creates. This 1-hour webinar will outline what crowdfunding is, how crowdfunding is different from traditional funding, the various crowdfunding paths, and the keys to crowdfunding success. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.


Webinar 2

Storytelling for Crowdfunding

When it comes to crowdfunding, storytelling is everything. People support people and your business starts with you. How do you tell your story in a way that connects with potential backers and inspires them to support your campaign? This 1-hour webinar will outline a process for writing compelling campaign copy that can be used for your campaign page, campaign video and marketing communications. Learn how to strengthen your brand while creating a campaign story that communicates your “why” and motivates your network to support your business, project or organization. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Webinar 3

Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

If your crowdfunding campaign includes providing rewards or perks in exchange for campaign contributions, you need a strategy to create rewards that will excite your potential backers while allowing you to achieve the financial goals of your campaign. Campaign creators who forget to budget for all the costs of delivering their rewards, including their time, end up over budget or overwhelmed. But with a little guidance you can avoid that fate. In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for designing rewards that convert to contributions, and a method for crunching the numbers to make sure you’ll have what you need to deliver on them. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Webinar 4

Creating Your Crowdfunding Video

You don’t have to be a Hollywood filmmaker to create an engaging crowdfunding campaign video. The most important element of your campaign video is your script. Without a well-written script to guide your video, you’ll lose your viewer’s attention before getting the chance to ask them to support you. In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn a proven framework for creating a crowdfunding video that will inspire potential backers to support your business, project or organization. You’ll also learn video fundamentals and be empowered with tools to help you make the most professional video you can on the budget you have. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning and links to video examples.

Webinar 5

Finding the Gold In Your Network

When people think about crowdfunding, their first thought is creating their campaign page. But the page doesn’t fund your campaign, people do. You need a plan for finding and communicating with your network, so they have the opportunity to support you. Get ahead of the curve with this 1-hour webinar. Start your crowdfunding journey by learning a process for finding and nurturing your network that will help you reach your crowdfunding goal. Then put the process to work before launching your campaign and watch it bring both financial and nonfinancial benefits not just to your campaign, but to your overall business. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Webinar 6

Personalizing Communications for Crowdfunding Success

When reaching out via digital communications like email and social media to ask potential campaign backers to support your crowdfunding campaign, how do you cut through the noise and inspire people to take action? The answer: Get personal. In this 1-hour webinar you’ll learn the “Keep It Personal” strategy for tailoring your digital communications to speak directly to potential backers individually, even when sending to a larger group. None of us want to be treated like a number. Learn how to let your personal and business networks know they matter and increase the likelihood of them backing your campaign. You’ll also be introduced to technology tools to make your communications more efficient and consistent. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Webinar 7

Email Marketing for Crowdfunding Success

Did you know that email converts 34% more than any other digital channel to crowdfunding contributions? Email may seem old-fashioned given today’s marketing love affair with social media, but if you’re crowdfunding, email marketing is a vital tool to have in your crowdfunding toolbox. In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn an email marketing strategy that will not only help you reach your campaign goals, but also teach you how to strengthen relationships with your clients and customers to generate revenue well beyond the campaign. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

Webinar 8

Building Your Day-to-Day Crowdfunding Communications Plan

Did you know that crowdfunding campaign creators that have a day-to-day marketing plan raise 180% more than those who don’t? Having a robust network and a compelling story will only result in campaign contributions if you create a plan to get your story in front of your network. Don’t let your campaign be the party that never started because you forgot to invite any guests. In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to organize your digital communications like email and social media long before your campaign launches to ensure that your campaign reaches as much of your network as possible. Includes hands-on worksheets to support your learning.

About Your Instructor

Kathleen Minogue, Founder & Chief Education Officer, Crowdfund Better

Crowdfunding Webinars for Organizations

Kathleen Minogue is a crowdfunding educator, speaker and ecosystem builder. In 2012, she founded Crowdfund Better, a consultancy that provides crowdfunding education, strategy, training and support to guide entrepreneurs how to use crowdfunding strategically to unlock the financial and creative support of their networks to fund projects not supported by traditional finance. Kathleen is the creator of The Crowdfund Better Process™ and has coached highly successful donation, rewards and investment crowdfunding campaigns. She is particularly focused on bringing the crowdfunding opportunity to women, minority and rural entrepreneurs.

Kathleen has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Crowdfund Insider, Dance Business Weekly and Forbes, and has presented at the Director’s Guild of America, Association for Women’s Business Centers National Conference, SBA, Crowd Invest Summit, Crowdfunding Deep Impact UK, and Global Crowdfunding Convention. She has contributed to access-to-capital initiatives including the PwC Women Unbound report and the Milken Institute/SBA Partnership for Lending in Underserved Markets, and has developed plug-in crowdfunding training programs for small business assistance organizations and incubators including The Local Crowd 4SE Incubator funded by the National Science Foundation and the FundBlackFounders Incubator. Kathleen is also the creator of Crowdfund Idaho, the first statewide crowdfunding education and training initiative in the U.S.

Prior to Crowdfund Better, Kathleen spent many years in the field of education and worked in the investment banking division of JPMorgan building relationships with technology venture capitalists. Kathleen sits on the Board of With Love Market & Cafe, SPC, and is an Advisor to the FundBlackFounders platform.

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