Crowdfunding Data

Crowdfunding provides over $1 Billion in capital
annually to U.S. small businesses

Our colleagues at The CrowdDataCenter and Crowdfund Capital Advisors
have been tracking the data for over a decade

The CrowdDataCenter, Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Who can benefit from this crowdfunding data?

Entrepreneurs & Founders
Small Business Owners
Creative Entrepreneurs

Incubators & Accelerators
Business Advisors & Consultants
Colleges & Universities

States, Counties & Cities
Entrepreneur Support Organizations
Economic Development

What kind of statistics are available for my city/state/industry?

capital raised
funding goals

success rates
lists of campaigns
and more!

average contributions
average # of supporters

Why is this data significant?

Not only can this data increase campaign success, but it can also foster more crowdfunded capital for small businesses in your community

How do we gain access?

We thought you’d never ask.

What type of crowdfunding data are you looking for?

(Not sure what rewards crowdfunding is, click here.)

(Not sure what investment crowdfunding is, click here.)

Looking to better understand crowdfunding?

Our introductory online courses are a great place to start. Click an image below to learn more.

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