We are a crowdfunding consultancy

Crowdfund Better clients are looking for trusted guidance on the best alternative funding options for their business.

Since 2012, Crowdfund Better has been providing crowdfunding education, strategy, and coaching to entrepreneurs, social enterprises, small business advisors, and crowdfunding platforms. We are educators and professionals who understand both the broader crowdfunding ecosystem and how to work with clients on the ground to guide them toward successful campaigns.

The Crowdfund Better Process is the framework
we developed over the last 8 years
to provide tailored,
just-in-time crowdfunding guidance for our clients. 

Our ideal client wants a roadmap for managing a campaign on their own.

The Crowdfund Better Process

Step 1: Education 

  • Whether you’ve attended a workshop, online webinar, have been referred by one of our Community Partners or found us on the web, you’ve started your journey to learn how to Crowdfund Better. 

Step 2: Assessment, Feedback & Strategy

  • Before you launch a campaign, get some feedback on your potential to crowdfund. Complete our Roadmap Questionnaire and receive written feedback via our Crowdfunding Report
  • Have a 30-minute one-on-one Roadmap Review Call with our team for more personalized feedback and to have your unique questions answered on how to create a campaign that works for your goals

Step 3: Prepare & Launch Your Campaign

  • Now that you have a plan, how will you execute it? Our Crowdfunding Consulting & Coaching Packages help you prepare your network  & develop  your campaign including: campaign messaging, video script development, marketing & PR strategy, and marketing implementation. We’ll help you tackle surprises and generate ideas to increase your campaign success.

Our Crowdfund Better Process provides honest, personalized, and
data-supported crowdfunding guidance for campaigns of all sizes.

Email start@crowdfundbetter.com for more information.

Crowdfund Better, 800 W. Main St., Ste. 1460, Boise, ID 83702 – start@crowdfundbetter.com
~Fees valid through 6/30/2020~

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