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Crowdfund Better clients are looking for trusted guidance on the best alternative funding options for their business.

Since 2012, Crowdfund Better has been providing crowdfunding education, strategy, training, and support to entrepreneurs, social enterprises, small business advisors, and crowdfunding platforms. We are educators and professionals who understand both the broader crowdfunding ecosystem and how to work with clients on the ground to guide them toward successful campaigns.

The Crowdfund Better® Process is the step-by-step program
we developed over 10+ years
to provide tailored,
just-in-time crowdfunding guidance for small business 

Our ideal client wants to manage their campaign on their own, rather than outsourcing to an agency.

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Step 1: Education 

Whether you’ve attended a workshop, online webinar, have been referred by your business advisor or found us on the web, you’re looking to Crowdfund Better. 

Learn how to navigate the crowdfunding ecosystem by taking our introductory online course, The Crowdfunding Opportunity. If you think Investment Crowdfunding is the path for you, dig deeper with our Investment Crowdfunding for Everyone online course to learn the “rules of the Reg CF road” and what you need to know to do it right.

Step 2: Strategy

Before you launch a campaign you’ll need a strategy and some feedback on your crowdfunding potential.

Our Crowdfunding Roadmap includes:

  • an online questionnaire
  • written feedback via our Crowdfunding Report
  • a 45-minute one-on-one Roadmap Review Call with our team for more personalized feedback and to have your unique questions answered on how to create a campaign that works for your goals
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Step 3: Training

Online Crowdfunding Courses

To be successful in any kind of crowdfunding you need to develop a compelling story to inspire backers to support your campaign, unbury and organize your network, and have a plan to communicate with your community via online and offline channels to let them know how to support you. For those using rewards crowdfunding, you’ll also need rewards that will inspire people to back your campaign while not breaking the bank.

Take these self-paced online courses to assist with crafting your crowdfunding story, improving your network outreach, creating campaign rewards and preparing the marketing messaging required for crowdfunding success. 

Each 4-unit course includes: 

  • instructional videos,
  • hands-on worksheets with step-by-step guidance, and
  • additional tools and resources to support your crowdfunding success. 

Available Courses: 

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Step 4: Support

Campaign Creation & Launch 1-on-1 Support Package

Now that you have a strategy and some training under your belt, you are ready to move forward with your campaign. How do you turn all that learning into a campaign plan? Our Crowdfunding Support Packages provide frameworks and accountability as you reach out to your network & develop your launch plan including guidance on:

Personalized coaching to assist in campaign page creation, maintaining momentum during live campaign, and providing best practices for nurturing your community after campaign close. Let us be your “Best Friend in Crowdfunding.” (Prerequisites required.)

Please Note: Step 4 is only available to clients who complete Steps 1, 2 & 3 of The Crowdfund Better® Process. 


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Want more personalized support through the entire Crowdfund Better® Process? Crowdfund Better does offer customized coaching services to a limited number of qualified clients. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Our Crowdfund Better® Process provides honest, personalized, and
data-supported crowdfunding guidance for campaigns of all sizes

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