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Don’t miss this chance to support entrepreneurship in your hometown! Together we can create a shared story of prosperity using new crowdfunding tools to let local businesses know we value their contributions to the vibrancy of our Idaho communities.

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Teaching kids nutrition, biology, botany, and the excitement of growing healthy bodies and minds – while growing microgreens!

Thanks to 59 backers we raised $7,493 to increase our inventory, finalize and publish our Greenzine and begin to have our trays #MadeInUSA!

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Our community was craving donuts and bagels, and we didn’t have the capacity to serve them fully. We needed bigger equipment and a storefront; bigger equipment so we can serve more people and a storefront so more people can find us!

Thanks to over 50 investors we raised $57,100 to open in Spring 2022 in our new downtown Twin Falls location!

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Please read the following for answers to your questions about Crowdfund Idaho

What is Crowdfund Idaho?

Crowdfund Idaho is a crowdfunding education and training initiative powered by Crowdfund Better Community Programs to help Idaho businesses raise capital from their communities using this new innovative access-to-capital tool. 

This education is provided at no cost to all Idaho residents through the generosity of donors to Crowdfund Better Community Programs. All donations to Crowdfund Better Community Programs are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Far Away Projects.

How can I participate?

  • Fill out the application to get free access to the Crowdfunding Opportunity online course. This course will help you learn more about how crowdfunding works and help you determine if it could be a good fit for raising funds for your business or project. If you would like to move forward after completing the course, submit the required worksheets to be eligible to move onto the next steps in the Crowdfund Better Process™ training program.
  • Support the campaigns of businesses in your community through contributions of your financial and social capital.
  • Become a Sponsor of the Crowdfund Idaho program and empower more Idaho businesses to get the funding the need to grow and sustain their local economies.

How do I apply for the Crowdfund Idaho program?

To get started with your training, apply now by clicking this link to fill out the application form. A member of the Crowdfund Idaho team will contact you about next steps.

Where does training take place?

All training will take place virtually, so you can participate from anywhere within the great state of Idaho. (If you don’t have access to stable internet, please reach out to us.)

Is training available in Spanish?


What is the process to launch a funding campaign?

Crowdfund Idaho utilizes The Crowdfund Better Process™ for guiding participants through their crowdfunding journey.

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  • Apply for the program by clicking this link. 
  • Any entrepreneur or business who applies will begin with Step 1: Learn What Works and get access to ”The Crowdfunding Opportunity” online course (also available in Spanish). If you would like to continue to explore your potential to crowdfund after completing this education, submit the 3 worksheets included in the course.
  • In Step 2: Develop Strategy & Roadmap you will access the “The Crowdfunding Roadmap.” This Roadmap consists of an online questionnaire, report and a one-on-one call to help you determine if crowdfunding is a good fit for your business and help you develop a strategy for your funding campaign.
  • Using the insights gathered from your Roadmap, in Step 3: Marketing Training & Network Prep, you will access business support and marketing training to help make your business more resilient and to help you create a funding campaign poised for success. This step is comprised of both self-paced online education and 1-on-1 coaching.
  • In Step 4: Campaign Page Creation you will receive support and guidance as you create the crowdfunding campaign page you will use to gather your community support.
  • Once your campaign is approved for Public Launch, your campaign will be listed on the Crowdfund Idaho page under “Live Campaigns.”

*Crowdfund Idaho can also support Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaigns that launch on FINRA-approved platforms and self-hosted Idaho State Offerings. In this instance, your Crowdfund Idaho campaign listing will direct visitors to your official investment page where information on the type and amount of securities being offered can be shared and investments can be made – but only after your offering is filed in compliance with state and federal regulations.*

If you have any additional questions, please email: crowdfundidaho@crowdfundbetter.com.

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