Bill HustonDigital Strategy Consultant

Bill Huston educates entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses on how to raise community capital using crowdfunding and by building community capital stacks integrating CRA funds, Impact Investing, and Opportunity Funds. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, business development, and fundraising for nonprofits, small businesses, and startups, he is ranked as one of the top 19 crowdfunding experts globally by Inc. Magazine and is a sought-after national speaker and blogger on crowdfunding. Bill worked as Business Development Consultant for the innovative and cutting edge New Legacy Reentry Corp and as the primary driver for the West Louisville Opportunity Fund, a community economic development initiative that utilized Opportunity Zones, Impact Investing, CRA funds, and Regulation Crowdfunding for capital formation. 

As a Content Consultant and Digital Strategist, he researches the digital marketing and crowdfunding ecosystems for new technologies and best practices and communicates this information through blogging, eBooks, social media, e-newsletters, and speaking engagements to startups, small businesses, and real estate developers. 

Bill worked with Buy the Block, the only African American female-owned Regulation Crowdfunding real estate platform in the United States, as media and marketing director. He is a board member of the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3) where he chairs the programming committee. Bill provides crowdfunding consulting and coaching that focuses on social entrepreneurs, community level real estate development, and nonprofits that are creating businesses to solve social issues. 

After years of seeing worthwhile community development projects going undeveloped in inner cities from a lack of capital and community participation Bill introduces underserved communities to crowdfunding and community capital as a solution. The community capital economy provides real productivity that when layered on the Internet creates an abundance of resources and opportunity. This people-powered economy is driven by the crowd and access to community capital. The crowd economy is a paradigm shift that challenges traditional notions of the “norm” while expanding unique and innovative possibilities.

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