Women's Business Center, Jefferson Economic Development Institute, Crowdfund Better, Shasta, CA

We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Women’s Business Center at JEDI to help their clients Crowdfund Better!

Crowdfunding is a new capital-raising process that transforms the trust and goodwill of your network into funds to start or grow your business. Entrepreneurs can utilize crowdfunding to help turn an idea into a business as well as to grow an existing business. To run a crowdfunding campaign you do not need two years in business or to have generated revenue, but crowdfunding does require a significant investment of time and effort to win the support of your existing network and to learn how to find others with an affinity for your idea or business.

To better understand your crowdfunding potential, please complete the Crowdfunding Roadmap Questionnaire. If you cannot answer a required question, please indicate N/A. Be sure to press “SUBMIT” when you reach the end of the form. Answers will be recorded and sent to Crowdfund Better for review. You will be contacted via the email you provide within 3 business days with an indication of your potential to launch a crowdfunding campaign to achieve your stated goals. We will also add you to our monthly newsletter list so you can stay informed about the latest crowdfunding developments.

Thanks in advance for helping us help you Crowdfund Better!

-Kathleen, Scott & The Crowdfund Better Team

Be sure to use coupon code: JEDI for a $10 discount!

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