30-Day Crowdfunding Consulting Package – Investment


Want a “Best Friend in Crowdfunding” to provide guidance and support as you create your investment crowdfunding campaign?


Crowdfund Better’s 30-day Consulting Package provides personalized support to help you build the content for your campaign and structure your communications to reach investors. As your “Best Friend in Crowdfunding” we provide feedback based on our industry knowledge – something that may not exist among your personal or professional network.

Since the majority of your investors will be from your “known network” our focus is on helping you build a strategy for clear and consistent communications to unlock their support. We focus on the communications that you cannot outsource to a marketing agency, which will also be critical to getting your campaign to be successful enough (30% of goal or more) to attract strangers through paid marketing efforts. We also provide guidance to help ensure that digital communications are in compliance with the SEC general solicitation rules. 

This 30-Day Consulting Package is for clients who have their personal networks organized, business marketing assets in order, legal and compliance strategies well under way, and are ready to move on launching a campaign. Services for this package will be provided within a strict 30-day period. The 30-day period will begin with our first 1-on-1 call. Should you require other services after the 30-day period concludes, another service package will need to be purchased in order to continue our support. 

The 30-day Consulting Package includes the following services within a 30-day period: 

    • 4 hours of direct 1-on-1 consulting
    • email support between sessions
    • online questionnaire to benchmark marketing assets
    • personal outreach strategy
    • digital communications & marketing strategy
    • campaign page & video script guidance
    • Crowdfund Better Client Toolkit including campaign planning frameworks

Fee: $500

Please Note:  If you will need more than 30 days, require additional hands-on support to prepare your campaign, and want ongoing support after your campaign launches, please contact us about our Coaching & Accountability Package

If you want to purchase this product for clients of your organization, please contact [email protected].



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